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Combination of services all focused on the transportation industry gives our customers the convenience of one-stop shopping


We move freight  on time, to the right place, at the right price!
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Right from incorporating your business to getting authorities & than managing your day today business TruckIncs offer following solutions to owner operators & small trucking companies. 

•Document Management
•Back Office

Dispatch Services for Owner Operators
If you are looking for dispatch services for owner operators get in contact right now with FREIGHT MINING dispatching services by TRUCKINCS !
Freight Mining  offers  high quality and cost effective dispatch services for owner operators in the United States.
Our job is to find the best loads in the United States and to make sure that your truck is always loaded and always working

How much does FREIGHT MINING dispatching service by TRUCKINCS  charge for their dispatch services for owner operators ?

We charge a 10% commission for the dispatch. For only 10% of the gross total of each load we take care of almost everything. 

What services does the 10% commission include ?

The 10% that we charge includes basically all of the day to day operations of the truck. Our services include but are not limited to :

  • Negotiate with the brokers and clients to make sure that your truck is always receiving the best possible loads,regardless of which area of the country you are in.
  • 24/7 Road Support for any kind of breakdowns that you might have on the road.
  • Negotiate “layovers” or detention time on your behalf with the brokers. Basically we make sure that the brokers are paying you for the time that you are stopped.
  • Generating invoices for each and every load and we also track payment status until the money is officially in your account.
  • Weekly reports with the revenues and expenses for each week.